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From a long time ago, and a land far far away…


It is a period of reinvention in the automotive galaxy.

LML Scooters operating from a manufacturing base in Kanpur, India have struck their latest blow against the mighty retro scooter scene with a faithful re-imagining of the fondly remembered PK model, with its smaller, nimble frame allied with a punchy new modern automatic 4 stroke engine.

LML provide the resistance to the evil Italian Dark Side of the retro Galaxy, a once proud Empire who now rely on scaring dealers into stocking their overpriced machines and fooling the public into buying their new soulless plastic 'lookylikes'.

The NEW Star Lite 125's are racing to the market place just in time to save scooterists from the Dark Side and restore the feeling of riding freedom from days gone by…

9 kilograms lighter than the standard LML Automatic the Star Lite 125 has the authentic all metal bodied PK effortless style down to a tee, it may even do the Kessel run in less than 12 par secs (even though a par sec is a unit of distance of approximately 3.3 light years and Han DID shoot first).

Bringing the feel of decades past up to date for a new generation this December like some other iconic franchise that shall remain nameless who we all love and may just be paying homage to with this banner, these ARE the Scooters you’re looking for, move along to your nearest dealer

An Article of Genuine Authenticity – The look & feel of a golden age in scootering with a healthy slice of modernity, reliability & Star quality

LML Star Automatic – An iconic classic with its finger on the pulse

The LML Star Automatic offers a fusion of a classic Italian style and an affordable modern technology.
Everyone knows the look, and there are those who fondly recall the halcyon days of carefree 2 wheeled fun & community that this iconic look brought to the fore of popular culture.
These days there is a resurgence in the style and scene that these scooters embodied and not just with the die-hard enthusiasts who kept the faith
Today especially with the introduction of an automatic transmission, the ageless look appeals to a new audience of style conscious but practical riders, they find the road well travelled but still fresh and welcoming.

Riding an LML away from a dealer for many is just the start of the journey, the roots of the brand lie in its historic place in a lifestyle set apart from other 2 wheeled cultures, art, music, fashion & a shared bond, all feature heavily in the scooter scene and an LML is often the blank canvas on which the enthusiast will paint a picture of their chosen path in life, loud and proud, brash but refined, LML owners are unique and their scooters reflect the passions that drive the ride….

Times are a changing…
To reflect evolving tastes a cosmetic change brings you choice, you can choose to have the classic MK1 angled, bold ‘nose’ or the more smooth, refined looks of the MK2 ‘nose’ Same scooter, Different face

In December 2015 a new member of the family will make its debut, the STAR LITE 125 Automatic brings another historically popular model back into the public eye, a smaller, lighter scooter allied with the smooth convenient Automatic engine and transmission that has proven to be a winner since its Launch in 2013
Available in a great range of colours that both pay tribute to days past and appeal to the present zeitgeist